Preparing for April

Leading into Autism Acceptance Month can be pretty exhausting. What kinds of people are we going to encounter this year? Are the anti-vaxxers going to be lashing out? How many will silence our voices? How many autistics will Autism Speaks ban from their social media sites? You just never know. My goal this month is to make as many graphics about acceptance and support for our community as possible because those damn puzzle pieces are lurking just around the corner.

First up: how to be an ally for Autism Acceptance Month. Feel free to post/share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, wherever, and include the text description when you can.


Image reads:
April is Autism Acceptance Month!
5 ways to be a great ally:
#1 Listen to autistic people
#2 Listen to autistic people
#3 Listen to autistic people
#4 Listen to autistic people
#5 Listen to autistic people


6 thoughts on “Preparing for April

  1. Hi, I think your voice is so important. Thank you for standing up for autistic children, teens and adults. It is important to understand what it is truly like and ensure we as a community support families. I will read your blog with interest.

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  2. Hi! I’m so glad your posting about an important topic I am not autistic myself but someone extremely close to me is . Please write more amazing posts and if u want u can also check out my posts thank you again and bye


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